Additional Services

Additional Services

  • Smudge Fixer

    Polish change and touch up.

    Hands $15

    Feet $20

  • Paraffin Treatment

    Ask us about the latest choices in fragrances for paraffin and combine with choice of any of over 15 different moisturizing scentsations, enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera. Yummy! Includes exfoliation.

    Hands or Feet $12

  • French Polish

    White tips and natural finish on the bed of the nail. Or make your own color combination: red bed with black tips, white with silver tips, etc.

    Hands $6

  • Sunless Tanning Application

    Progressive results are obtained using natural fruit acids. Gives an instant brown glow that will not get darker as the day goes by. For extremities only.

    Starts at $15

  • Nail Art

    Decals to freehand designs.

    Starting at, per nail $6

  • Acrylic full set

    One Color $65

    Two Color $75

    Glitter manicure $65

    Glitter pedicure $78

  • Acrylic Maintenance

    One Color $45

    Two Color $55

    Dip Manicure $55

  • Gel / Gel Polish Services

    Gel Manicure $58

    Gel Powder Manicure $68

    Gel Pedicure $72

    Shellac Manicure $53

    Shellac Powder Manicure $63

    Shellac Pedicure $70

    Add french to gel / shellac $10

    Gel/Shellac added to specialty manicure or pedicures $25

Extra Massage*

Pressure point massage is applied to hands and feet to release blockages and re-establish your body’s natural energy flow.

Per min, up to 10 min. $1

15 min. $25

30 min. $45

45 min $60

60 min $75

*Please book in advance to ensure availability for extra massage.