Additional Services

Additional Services

  • Smudge Fixer

    Polish change and touch up.

    Hands $20

    Feet $25

  • Paraffin Treatment

    Ask us about the latest choices in fragrances for paraffin and combine with choice of any of over 15 different moisturizing scentsations, enriched with vitamin E and aloe vera. Yummy! Includes exfoliation.

    Hands or Feet $15

  • French Polish

    White tips and natural finish on the bed of the nail. Or make your own color combination: red bed with black tips, white with silver tips, etc.

    Hands $6

  • Nail Art

    Decals to freehand designs.

    Starting at, per nail $6

  • Acrylic full set

    Acrylic Extension full set
    one color

    Acrylic Extension full set
    two color

    Glitter Manicure $70

    Glitter Pedicure $85

    Dip Manicure with

  • Acrylic Maintenance

    One Color $55

    Two Color $65

  • Gel / Gel Polish Services

    Gel Manicure $63

    Gel Powder Manicure $73

    Gel Pedicure $78

    Shellac Manicure $58

    Shellac Powder Manicure $68

    Shellac Pedicure $75

    Add french to gel / shellac $10

    Gel/Shellac added to specialty manicure or pedicures $25

    Soak off for shellac/gel/dip $10

    Soak off for acrylics $15

Extra Massage*

Pressure point massage is applied to hands and feet to release blockages and re-establish your body’s natural energy flow.

15 min. $25

30 min. $45

45 min $60

60 min $75

*Please book in advance to ensure availability for extra massage.