Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Prepare for luxurious and therapeutic care of your feet, hands and spirit. Uniquely positioned as Houston’s first-and-only specialty foot spa and premier nail salon, Isle PediSpa endeavors to set the highest standards in pedicures, manicures, nail health, quality products, sanitation and exemplary client care.  

At Isle Pedi Spa we exemplify a friendly, boutique-style atmosphere while preserving the luxurious, welcoming environment our customers have come to expect. Our tailored services ensure your experience is special with personalized, elegant care.

Our premium-standards have made us recognizable amongst environmentally-friendly and hygiene-conscious patrons alike. We continue to remain a fixture of fun and fresh trends in the beauty industry. No matter where you end up, we always bring the newest nail styles and products to each of our salon locations.

At the core, Isle Pedi Spa takes this cutting edge elegance and offers it as a sweet retreat, away from chaotic schedules. Come for a relaxed experience filled with friendly faces, and know you will always have a place to unwind with caring service, modern style and absolute nail obsession.

Our People

Safety and relaxation are brought to you by the best technicians in the business.

Isle PediSpa Nail Technicians: Texas and California have the highest requirements for Nail Technician certification, requiring 600 hours of training followed by written and practical tests. In addition to this rigorous certification, Isle PediSpa Technicians have a minimum of 5 years experience.