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Regular manicures and treatments go a long way in strengthening nails and ensuring healthy growth. All Isle PediSpa manicures are waterless to reduce drying and chipping of polish.

Isle Naturale Manicure ™
Manicure $36

Our most popular and signature manicure at the Isle. Take the Isle Manicure and add an exfoliation with our house blended vanilla salt glow to condition the hands. A warm rose petal milk bath cleanses the hands leaving them silky soft. Milk and honey shea butter will seal in the moisture. Your hands will feel so pampered!

Glo Manicure ™
Manicure $42

For the ultimate hand spa treatment, this manicure will have your hands feeling luxurious and glowing with radiance. All the beautifying, therapeutic steps and benefits of the Isle Naturale Manicure with a finishing treatment of a soy-based hot candle wax massage. This is the perfect recipe for softer skin and a vibrant healthy glow.

Rescue Manicure ™
Manicure $45

Allow us to come to your rescue. This manicure is designed to specifically care for problematic cuticles or nail biters. Meticulous cuticle detail will be performed followed by a therapeutic paraffin dip to restore moisture back into the nails and cuticles. Nail growth stimulator will be applied before polish to regain strength in the nails. Let us help you begin a new journey to healthy beautiful hands.

Silk Manicure ™
Manicure $40

Our most moisturizing manicure. Take our Isle Manicure and add deep dermal silk mask infused with comfrey root extract to promote skin cell regeneration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Paraffin treatment will leave the hands silky smooth.

Restorative Manicure ™
Manicure $40

Tired of wearing artificial nails? Or, do you just need a break temporarily? Let us properly remove your enhancements without damaging your natural nails and restore them back to their natural state.